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TI Automotive 

TI Automotive is the only global supplier of fully integrated
fuel storage and delivery systems for cars and trucks and the leading supplier of fluid carrying systems for braking and powertrain applications to automakers worldwide.

  • With a heritage of almost a century in the auto industry, TI Automotive continues as an industry leader in the production of innovative fluid storage and delivery systems and components.
  • In today's worldwide automobile industry approximately half of the 57 million cars built every year rely on TI Automotive's brake, fuel, and/or powertrain technology.
    • TI Automotive has a world-wide network of just-in-time satellite assembly facilities to support our global customer base.
    • TI Automotive maintains relationships with every major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the world.
    • TI Automotive products and technology are present on over eighty of the top one hundred vehicle platforms.
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