RE project development 


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RE project development 

We are Raiffeisen evolution.

In 2003 our business was founded with the clear mission to develop and realize high quality office and commercial real estates in Austria and Eastern Europe. The shareholders that support us are a strong backbone. Our company's services range from conventional project development to its execution, construction management and processing as well as the leasing and sale of properties. Raiffeisen evolution, as general contractor, conducted multiple projects through public service contracts since its founding.

About 120 employees and many years of experience in our core markets form a solid basis for our successful business. In the course of the last few years, we have established a leading enterprise in the real estate business in Austria and Eastern Europe. It is a development of which we are very proud and we continue to work on in order grow even stronger in the markets.

Our name clearly stands for the future development of real estate markets. We deal with trends and new technologies intensely to construct modern and sustainable buildings. We keep looking forward to create feel-good real estate suitable for investors and values that will last for many generations. People are at the focus of all our project developments.

Our principle „Developing the future.” can be understood as “who wants to create the future has to be open for innovation.” We take on that challenge on a daily basis to develop and establish economic, user-friendly residential and commercial properties suitable for investors.

Realising ideas. Developing the future.

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